Online Mock Tests for CTET

Give an online test for the CTET Paper 1 and 2 at The Exam Guru practice test platform.

CTET Test Papers: Paper 1 and 2

No of Questions in One CTET Test: 150

Duration of the Test: 150 Minutes.

Language of the CTET Test: Hindi and English

Steps for the CTET test:

Step 1: Open the Test platform Link (Given Below), and if you are a new user then Signup in the test platform by providing your Name, Email, Phone No. and choose a password. Verify your account with the OTP and Sign In. (If you are an existing user then enter your email and password to Sign In.)

Online Mock Tests for CTET

Step-2: Test Dashboard with all courses test will open, now select All Courses >> CTET Test.

Step-3:  All CTET Paper 1 and 2 Tests will open, choose the test and click on Join Test button to start. (You can select the Language option if available).

Step-4: Test Window will open and the timer will start. After the test complete, submit the test and wait for the result. 

Step-5: Result will be displayed on your screen.


  • For every CTET Paper test, there is a certain time duration.
  • To submit the final answer click on “Save and next”. After the Final answer submission, the question will turn into a green color.
  • If you want to review a question later then choose the “Mark for Review & Next” button. This Question will turn in blue. You can answer this question later.
  • If you submitted the wrong answer then choose the question from the list and click on the “Clear Response” button to clear the selected answer.

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